Canoe Seat Back Installation

Sitting in a canoe and rowing about the rapids for an extended duration of time is not one of the best things you could do to your back.

In most cases, canoeists complain of pain in the lower back as well as aching of the knee joints. A canoe seat with back support includes a curved seat that create or support the existing seating arrangement in a canoe.

Not only are back supports essential for the weekend warriors who use their cane only once every month or so, since it is unlikely that their back will be used to the kind of stress long trips cause.

Regular canoeists can also greatly benefit from using a canoe seat with a back as it will help keep their back safe in the rapids and provide lower back support when you engage in vigorous rowing. Take is from a regular canoeist, it is impossible to enjoy canoeing if your back is killing you.

A canoe seat back can be bought from many online as well as brick and mortar stores as well as your local camping goods store. When looking to purchase a canoe seat back you should look into getting a model that has been made of or is coated with insulated foam and is light yet sturdy.

Most canoe seat back models will offer different models of flex and your should test them out before you finally choose one so that you don’t put your back out even with a seat back. You should also decide how you want to attach the seat back rest to your existing seat. Most seat backs have buckle straps on the bottom so that the seat back can be secured to your canoe seat easily.

If your canoe has contoured seats, the best option for you is to buy a seat which has a somewhat rigid bottom as it will be a much more comfortable fit. Installing a canoe seat back a simple job that should take virtually no time at all.

Installing a canoe seat back

Step 1

  • First you must purchase the canoe back seat – either from Sportsman’s Warehouse or another reputable online dealer. If you are unsure what kind of canoe back seat you want here are some tips:
    1. Look for a canoe back seat that has insulated foam, durable, contains buckle straps and the most important element – it is lightweight.
    2. If the canoe back seat has contoured seats, purchasing a canoe back seat without a rigid bottom would be best.

Step 2

  • Now, installing the canoe back seat. First, place the seat on the back of the canoe then loop the bottom buckle straps under the canoe seat and buckle them shut. Secure the seat well on to canoe seat. Simple enough.

Step 3

  • Step in the canoe, sit down and secure the right and left diagonal straps – which is designed to change the angle of the seat back.

Step 4

  • Secure the right and left diagonal adjustment straps firmly when paddling hard over a lake or river. This will increase the power of the paddle strokes surely enabling you to cover more water faster.

Step 5

  • If you go for a more relaxed paddle, loosen or release the straps which will allow you to sit more upright.

When canoeing please obey all safety regulations and be aware of water conditions. If water conditions prove to be too difficult do not panic and remember your training. Staying calm in violent waters can be the difference in severe injury or even death.

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